September 2016 Content Starters

September 2016 Content Starters

Here are some easy content starters you can use this month to create some fresh content. Along with some insight into how I transform them from idea to post. This process might be different depending on your target demographic and your overall aim with your content. But, regardless of your market, a fun or irreverent idea can give any blog a much needed boost and dash of personality. Here’s the fun and easy stuff for this month. Look out for some more in-depth, marketing related blog ideas later in the week.

The Holiday Calendar

This is Journalism 101 stuff, but it’s still a good way to get some ideas that will connect with a wide readership. Why? Because people love fun things they can post on their facebook or forward to Grandma or just smile at. This is the sole reason I subscribe to the Buzzfeed Dog of the Day newsletter. (Cute dogs right in my Inbox, people!) Yeah, they’re cheesy but they’re fun.

For extra cheese value, I like to pick the randomest, silliest holidays I can find. Some of the ones that would make good content for this month (according to moi):

  • The 12th is Chocolate Milk Shake Day and National Video Games Day
  • The 28th is both Ask a Stupid Question Day and National Good Neighbor Day.
  • The 18th is National Cheeseburger Day, National Women’s Friendship Day and Wife Appreciation Day.

Back To School

Across the nation, kids and teachers are headed back to school, and though the rush of “get ready for back to school” articles is done, there’s still a ton of stuff to cover. Parents are adjusting to a new teacher and new issues with their kids (trust me, new ones arise every year). If parents are part of your target demographic, try covering topics like:

  • Adjusting the household routine to accommodate your new obligations
  • Best sports/extracurricular for children of X age
  • Technology tools you can use to automate parts of your life

The National Football League

Tread with caution when it comes to the NFL, because opinions on the political elements of the league are high and controversy is always around the corner. If I wanted to catch some of the seasonal traffic around the sport, I would craft a nostalgia related piece, like a listicle of best players of all time from one particular team, or best ways to show team spirit to a particular team.

What are your foolproof content starters for this month?


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