Content is King…Only It’s Not.

I keep hearing about how content is king.

The funny this is I mostly hear it from people who don’t deal with content on a regular basis. The salespeople and higher up executives are the ones suddenly banging on the content drum.

But try to pitch them a piece of content and they always have objections. It’s not relevant or it doesn’t represent the brand or (my favorite) it’s corny.

Think of your pieces of content like the Royal Family. Prince Harry is arguably more charming, funnier and better at connecting with people than his brother. But will he ever be king? Nope. That’s Prince William’s job.
Every piece of content has its own destiny. They can’t all drive consumers to buy. Some of them exist to educate, raise awareness, enhance your brand offerings or get more subscribers for your email lists. They aren’t setting the world on fire, but they all serve an intended purpose within the sales funnel.

For some businesses, content is never going to be a magical solution. It might be an important component in getting customers to understand and trust you, but it isn’t going to get you all the way to a conversion.
Content is King
So, in other words, content is an important part of the royal family. But King? Not necessarily.

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