Link Juice and Other Words I Hate

snappa-1462388477I’m just as guilty as anyone else of using marketing buzzwords. It’s become something I’m almost unaware of, the way curse words peppered my casual vocabulary before i became a parent. It’s often not until I am hearing another marketer throwing out these terms a mile a minute that I inwardly cringe and wonder if thats what i sound like.

Look, I get it. Digital marketing is a cutthroat, overcrowded space, and every marketer is constantly trying to prove his or her worth. In an industry like SEO or PPC, where the rules are constantly changing and strategy can make or break you, its important to show how up to date your knowledge is and how well you keep up with the best practices.

Some terms, though, are so overused or meaningless that using them does no good, or even more harm than good.

Link juice was never a very good term to begin with. I’ve only ever heard it used as a catchall for the impact of links that manipulate machinations of google that are too complex or secret to fully understand. In adiition, its always invoked a less than pleasant mental image of a SERP page covered in the slime they used to cover Alanis Morisette in on You Cant Do That on Television in the 90s.

Instead, you can simply say what you mean. If you think engaging in a certain link strategy will increase a site’s domain authority, say that. If you’re not sure how the link will affect the site, but you anticipate the outcome will be positive and result in a rankings boost, say that. Clients don’t expect you to know everything, and admitting that you don’t isnt the end of the world.


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